You can buy a voucher here and have it sent to you by post.

The value of the voucher will normally be displayed on the reverse so that the recipient can visit the Gallery to choose what to spend it on.

If you prefer you can choose to pay for pot painting, lessons, or pottery wheel hire without disclosing the value. Instead, the hours or pottery item purchased can be stated on the voucher and crossed with a paid stamp.

If you want to restrict the hours purchased to a specific time for example: three days pottery sessions on Tuesdays on January 10th, 17th and 21st at 10am you will be able to request a certificate which will state those restrictions.

I will post your voucher to you by the next available posting time.

Make sure you choose the right option for you from the drop down menus under Voucher Value and Style

Voucher value
Name and Address to send it to